Julianne Wallin, 93, formerly of Minot, ND passed away on October 22, 2017, in Edina, Minnesota.

Julianne Marie Wallin grew up in Pelican Rapids, MN, showing a love of music from an early age. She graduated from Concordia College in Moorhead with a BA in Music Education and English with an additional degree in piano and a minor in voice. She went on to earn a master’s degree in voice at the Sherwood School of Music in Chicago.
Julianne and her husband Ralph, purchased a historic home and became involved in local music organizations. In 1959, Julianne received honorable mention as a finalist in the regional auditions for the Metropolitan Opera Company in Minneapolis. She continued to perform in local opera productions, soloed with the Minot Symphony Orchestra, sang with the Minot Chamber Chorale, and was the featured soprano soloist 17 times with the annual performance of Handel’s Messiah in Minot.

She was General Director of the Western Plains Opera Company (1984-1994), the board of the North Dakota Humanities Council, board of the Minot Area Council for the Arts, and the Minot Community Concerts Association (just to name a few). She also helped form a successful local children’s chorus.

After her retirement at age 70, she continued involvement in volunteer activities such as the Minot Council for International Visitors and as a volunteer in the Joint Rehabilitation Unit at Trinity Medical Center where she was very proud of her volunteer work at age 90 assisting the “younger generation” to rehabilitate joint replacements. Her hobbies included skiing (which she took up at age 57), hiking, mosaic art, and gardening. She moved in April of 2017 to Hopkins, Minnesota due to health issues and to be closer to her children.

Because of wonderful people like her we are able to continue to bring our programs and services to the community. Thank you for the donation you gave to the Minot Area Council of the Arts in Memory of Julianne Wallin. It means a lot to the Minot Area Council of the Arts and our beautiful Minot community. Thank you from all of us at MACA.

Doran Glasoe
April 20th, 1927 – December 5th, 2016

Doran was a supporter of the Arts in the Parks program for many years. There were only a few concerts that he missed. This past summer he made it his mission to attend as many of the concerts as possible and he was able to attend every one. He was a member of Zion Lutheran Church, Elks Lodge, Eagles Aerie and American Legion. In his free time he especially enjoyed woodworking, writing, watching his favorite sports (local and national), attending many community musical events (especially Arts in the Park, and community band concerts ie. Minot Brass Band, Minot City Band, Minot Concert Band), and attending any events of his grandchildren. Because of wonderful people like him we are able to continue to bring you the Arts in the Parks program. Thank you to him and his family for the donation you gave us in Memory of Doran Glasoe. It means a lot to the Minot Area Council of the Arts and our beautiful Minot community. Thank you from all of us at MACA.

Marilyn Selland
January 25th, 1935 – February 26, 2017

Marilyn loved music and she loved art. She was a long time member of the Minot Area Council of the Arts. She was influential in establishing the Arts in the Parks and loved attending the Thursday evening concerts. She also enjoyed attending the Minot Symphony Concerts. She was a collector of fine art, her home was filled with watercolor and oil paintings, various pottery pieces and other types of art. She was a seamstress, quilter, and knitter. In addition, she was always willing to try new things, taking ceramics classes and later in life learning to paint. There are some of the tributes her grandchildren wrote. . .

“Your drive and determination has always inspired me and helped me to know that I could do or be anything I want.”
– Sarah

“I was lucky enough to grow up nearby, I have countless wonderful memories of her.”
– Leif

“Luckily Grammy was able to pass a little piece of her knitting talent on to me. She was a patient and wonderful teacher.”
– Katie

“She had a loving and adventurous spirit which will always be with me.”
– Anja

“What an honor it is that I share my middle name with you. You were such a ‘joy’, even in your final months you would make us laugh.”
– Emily Joy

“I will be forever grateful for my Grammy’s loving ability to always have a meaningful conversation with me whenever or wherever we were.”
– Karin

We would like to thank Marilyn and her wonderful family for the donation in memory of Marilyn. It means so much to us at the Minot Area Council of the Arts as well as our community! Thank you for helping us continue to have wonderful concerts in the parks.

Joyce Hendrickson
August 20th, 1936 – January 5th, 2017

Joyce was a well known artist in Minot and the Midwest. Through the years, she taught many classes, shared her art in art shows across the midwest, and operated as “Originals by Joyce” selling her art in the United States, Canada, Europe and even Africa. Art was not a job for Joyce, it was her passion. Every Thursday she shared her passion with her closest friends as they gathered to paint, chat and create. She also shared this passion with her grandchildren, Sarah, Katie and Emily. They each shared a tribute to their grandmother, here are a few of their words honoring her. . .

“I am not much of an artists, but you helped me to see and understand the art that I could create.”
– Sarah

“She was always excited and ready to teach us some new art technique and tell us that we had created a masterpiece.”
– Katie

“Thank you for inspiring me and my love for color in this world.”
– Emily

Thank you so much to Joyce and her wonderful family for sharing a little something about her and for the donation in her memory. It truly does mean a lot to the Minot Area Council of the Arts and the Minot Community. We are so grateful and will continue to support and advance the arts for all ages and abilities. Thank you.